All of our lingcod are caught individually hook and line off the Rogue Reef and in adjacent nearshore waters.This method ensures that the fish are bled and chilled right away. We then take the fish and fillet, brine and smoke with alderwood chips giving this white flaky fish a delicious smoked flavor.Makes a nice addition to any meal. Sold in 1/4lb to 1/2 lb vacuum sealed pouches for  $18.50 lbCall to order  1-888-523-9494

Smoked Lingcod - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach Oregon

Freshly shucked local oysters are brined and alder smoked for a rick smoked flavor that far exceeds any canned smoked oysters you will try. Because these are freshly smoked we vacuum seal in the flavor immediatly after smoking.They must stay refrigerated. Packaged in 1/4lb bags and priced at $30.50 lb Call us today to place your order 1-888-523-9494

Smoked Oysters - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach Oregon

We start with fresh Troll Caught Chinook Salmon. Wet brined in our own special recipe for 24 Hrs,cold smoked overnight with Alder chips for a delicious smoked flavor.we then turn up the temperature to cook cycle for approximatly 3 to 4 hours until salmon is firm but still moist and rich with its natural oils.After cooling we immediatly vacuum pack each piece to seal in the freshness.
This is a special treat for any occasion,approx 1/2lb pieces $29.95 lb  Call us to place your order and get shipping cost 1-888-523-9494

Alder Smoked Chinook - Fishermen Direct Seafood Gold Beach Oregon

Our Smoked Sable fish has been wet brined in our own special mixture (contains naturally fermented soy sauce ) for 24 hours. Then we cold smoke it for approx. 12hrs at a low temperature to let the fish absorb the Alder smoke flavor and finish off with a 160 degree cook cycle. This delicious fish rich in omega 3 essential oils and is a real treat.
$24.95 lb about 1/3 lb packages

Smoked Sable Fish - Fishermen Direct Seafood Gold Beach Oregon

Albacore tuna loins cut into 1/4lb pieces and wet brined in our own special sweetened mixture,then Alder Smoked make this product a very delicious treat. In stock year round.

Order yours today  $18.95 lb 

Alder Smoked Albacore Tuna - Fishermen Direct Seafood