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Enjoy this delicious white fish in your next meal. Mild flavor with a  firm flaky texture, great for fish and chips or oven baked. See our recipe section for ideas. Available year round from our Freezer at $9.25 lb

Black Rock Fish - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach OR

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 We  are all out of coho salmon right now  


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Wild Coho Salmon - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach OR

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This delicious product starts with fresh Fillets of Black Cod also known as Sable fish or Butter fish. The fillets are brined with sea salt then
let rest under refrigeration for 12 hours before being cold smoked. This Japanese style traditional recipe is (courtesy of Sparkie and Gene Baumann)
The smoking process takes approximately 6 to 8 Hours until golden brown,then cooled,vacuumed sealed and frozen.
To prepare this fish you simply thaw in vac-bags in cold water for 20 minutes then steam over boiling water for 20 minutes
(bamboo steamer works terrific) This delicious fish needs no additional seasonings and is rich in healthful omega-3's

Order yours today and enjoy this unique fish. Packaged with 4 to 5 pieces per bag ( 1/3 lb approximately)

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Lightly Smoked Sable Fish - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach OR

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Our Albacore Tuna is hand caught from Oregon coastal Troll Fishing vessels.(hook & line) It is quickly bled and chilled in an ice slurry.Delivered directly to us for processing, we individually fillet each Tuna into 4 loins then vacuum seal and flash freeze them to ensure you the freshest product around. Our Blast Freezer is maintained at minus 10 degrees for optimum storage of these superior loins.We generally process enough loins for the year,and with our 4mil vacuum seal bags and super cold freezers these loins are great any time of the year.

Fresh Frozen loins are ready to order at $10.50 lb Call us today  1-888-523-9494


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Oregon halibut are Pacific Halibut, the same specie as landed in Alaska and Canada. Due to a limited quota, the season for Oregon Halibut is extremely short. Sometimes, the season may only be one or two days long in a year.

When the season is open, Fishermen Direct buys all the halibut that two or three boats can land. We get these halibut within hours of being caught. We process, vac-pac, and freeze most of the catch absolutely as soon as possible. This time factor is what makes our Halibut so delicious.

With super fresh fish, very high quality freezers, and vac-packing our halibut is as good or better than "fresh" from Alaska or Canada.

Due to the remoteness of Alaska ports, fresh from Alaska or Canada often means fish that are 7 or 8 days old, due to delays in transportation and distribution.

Halibut are a remarkable fish, and Alaska / Canada Halibut are stll good, but not quite the "super fresh" halibut that we can get locally.

Frozen Deli packs  $25.95 lb. 

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Oregon Pacific Halibut - Fishermen Direct Gold Beach Oregon

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Wild Chinnok Salmon with Cedar Plank from Fisherman Direct Seafood Frozen Salmon Fillets
...Ocean troll caught wild Chinook salmon are special. Each fish is individually caught on a trolled lure, usually at a fairly great depth (200 to 500 ft or more). From these deep, clear, cold waters, where the salmon have been feeding on some of the tastiest seafood in the world, the salmon are pulled to the surface one at a time where they are quickly cleaned and immersed in slush ice to lock in all the delicate flavors and freshness of their unique diet.

Since these wild salmon are caught one by one, they are a little more expensive than other ways of catching salmon, or raising salmon on farms, however the exceptional taste and delicate flavors unique to ocean caught troll salmon are well worth it."

Wild salmon fillets or steaks are also completely natural, without dyes or toxins. You are eating not only one of the worlds tastiest fish, but also the most healthy fish, high in Omega 3's as well as flavor. Though most stocks of salmon in the Ocean are healthy, in prior years(2008 & 2009) commercial salmon fishing was closed to protect stocks of Klamath River Salmon and Sacramento River Salmon.  We are working to improve the identification and management of ocean caught salmon, as well as to solve the problems of the Klamath River, and Sacramento River and hope the future is better for ocean fishermen.

The 2020 Troll Commercial Wild Chinook Salmon Season is now open and the opportunities for fishing are good. Only in the KMZ zone do we have quotas.   Fisherman Direct encourages all people who love to eat Wild Chinook Salmon to get involved with your local watershed council.

 This year (2020)  will have all areas of the Oregon coast open thru August. South coast Salmon Trolling will open April 20th and has quotas in place to protect the Klamath river stock. We are optimistic of receiving salmon from all of the local Salmon Trollers this year.

  The 2021 season has closed. We have frozen fillets and steaks for $28.95 lb. 


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